December 3, 2023

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InTheBite is featuring these revolutionary new gear products for professional sportfishermen everywhere. Below are descriptions of each item with a link to the online store page where it is available for purchase.


The newly launched ElectroStrainer from ElectroSea is made to prevent marine growth from its strainer basket and through all seawater lines. ElectroStrainer provides yacht owners with peace of mind, letting them know that their strainer basket and seawater pipes remain free of marine growth, with optimal flow rates so the A/C blows cold and they’ll never have to descale again.

The revolutionary ElectroStrainer combines three components: an innovative biofouling prevention device, a hydrodynamic sea strainer and a smart flow monitoring system into one package. ElectroStrainer’s smart “Strainer Alert” technology uses ElectroSea’s ClearVis flow sensor and control system. ElectroStrainer displays a message if debris, grass or seaweed is in its straining basket. ElectroStrainer has no scheduled maintenance and will forever change the boat owner’s approach to seawater management.

HUK Rogue Waves

The Rogue Wave deck boot from Huk Gear is engineered for all kinds of rough conditions. Its full neoprene and rubber upper construction provides durability and comfort while a molded footbed makes staying on your feet that much more comfortable. A GripX Wet Traction Non-Marking Outsole means this boot is boat-approved. Neoprene and Rubber Upper plus heavy-duty pull tabs complete the look. $90.

Ohana Gaffs

Six times stronger than stainless steel and 50 percent of its weight, Ohana titanium flying gaffs are meant for winning tournaments and are world-record-proven. Handmade and hand-polished in Sydney, Australia, Ohana Gaffs are designed by expert Cairns, Australia, giant black marlin fishermen. The gaffs are fit with carbon fiber poles and come in four sizes: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”.


The GROCO E-Valve is a patented system that removes the hassle from “exercising” seacocks and adds safety and convenience never before possible. The E-Valve can be controlled locally by push button, remotely by SWITCH-10 and automatically by the status of the connected equipment on your boat’s MFD through GROCO G-Gate. Basic E-Valve includes a motorized seacock and a Control Module. Open valve and close valve functions are commanded by touching the buttons on the module and valve position is indicated with red (closed) or green (open) LEDs. The Control Module alerts you to the presence of high-water levels at that specific E-Valve location and includes provisions for automatic operation. $2,443.

Sperry Footwear

The Sperry Sport is a new collection of footwear engineered for performance and designed for outdoors enthusiasts. Built to withstand the rigors and demands of a wide range of activities on the water and the shoreline, every Sperry Sport style offers signature Sperry traction control featuring Adaptive Wave-Siping (TM) made with the highest-grade quality non-marking rubber. Performance details such as hydrophobic materials, for easy-to-clean, quick-dry comfort and versatility; enhanced wet traction; and an anti-vibration midsole that offers enhanced cushioning are hallmarks of the new collection. Every style has been rigorously wear-tested and designed in collaboration with athletes.

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