June 21, 2024

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Enjoy 20% Discount on Marlin Fishing in The Galapagos.

San Cristobal & Santa Cruz Islands:

Fishing continues to be fantastic out of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands.  Boats are raising steadily 10 to 50 plus striped marlin in the 120 to 300 pound range.  Those targeting blue marlin out of San Cristobal are experiencing about 1 or 2 good blue marlin a day at the moment either from Española Bank or Punta Pitt.

You have to pass up the  tempting high volume striped marlin and focus on blues only if you want to have shots at them.  2 boats have raised over 220 striped marlin in the last week.  Time to book a striped marlin fishing trip of a lifetime.

Isabela Island:

Isabela Island has had a slower than usually season but you can expect most fish bitting to be over 600.  Last trip of 3 days fishing we raised 1 blue over 800# plus and caught a tuna.  Slow fishing by Galapagos standard but most folks want to fish 5 or more days out of Isabela Island to have a better chance at a nice blue and even one over the 1000# mark.

Folks now is the time to come try to get a huge blue marlin and save 20% off normal prices.  The tours on this island are amazing as well.

If you are looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime with incredible wildlife tours in a tropical Pacific island setting then the Galapagos are for you.

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