December 4, 2023

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Electrosea Introduces ElectroStrainer

ElectroSea, the company that revolutionized onboard seawater protection with its ClearLine antifouling System has introduced a new product poised to prevent marine growth from its strainer basket and through all seawater lines. ElectroStrainer provides peace of mind to yacht owners, who know their strainer basket and seawater pipes remain free of marine growth with optimal flow rates, so the A/C blows cold, and they’ll never have to descale again.

What the ElectroStrainer Offers

The all-in-one ElectroStrainer introduces an entirely new way for boaters to prevent biofouling, barnacles and bioslimes from clogging the sea strainer and pipes. The revolutionary ElectroStrainer combines three components: an innovative biofouling prevention device, a hydrodynamic sea strainer and a smart flow monitoring system into one package.

“ElectroStrainer is an innovative product that significantly decreases time spent in the engine room checking and cleaning sea strainers,” said Daniel Cosentino, ElectroSea’s CEO. “Boat owners and captains loathe dirty, fouled sea strainers that require constant maintenance. ElectroStrainer prevents biofouling right in its integrated strainer basket. In addition, the System provides real-time seawater flow data and alerts you when it’s time to check ElectroStrainer’s basket.”

A Smart Strainer

ElectroStrainer’s smart “Strainer Alert” technology uses ElectroSea’s ClearVis flow sensor and control system. ElectroStrainer displays a message if debris, grass or seaweed is in its straining basket. The days of peering through a dirty site glass or opening the sea strainer to check it, which makes a mess in the hot engine room, are over. It only takes one glance at the ElectroStrainer’s bright LCD screen to know the System is cleaning and protecting the boat’s seawater system. Seawater flow rate is provided in gallons or liters per minute. ElectroStrainer
has no scheduled maintenance and will forever change the boat owner’s approach to seawater management.

It can be installed in new build or refit on existing boats. Its innovative all-in-one device makes installation quick and easy. ElectroStrainer is a drop-in replacement for old-style sea strainers, with installation taking just a few hours while the boat is in the water.

ElectroStrainer joins ElectroSea’s family of innovative seawater management products, including the ClearLine System and SeaStrong Pumps. SeaStrong features a seal-less, centrifugal pump with stainless steel, IP55 washdown motor and debuted in February 2022.

ElectroSea stands behind its products with a two-year warranty for ElectroStrainer and ClearLine Systems. SeaStrong Pump also comes with a two-year warranty when used in combination with ElectroStrainer or ClearLine for the ultimate seawater system protection.


ElectroStrainer is available June 1, 2022 through ElectroSea’s global Authorized Dealer Network. It is available in six models based on inlet/outlet sizes of up to 2 inches, and seawater flows up to 75 gallons per minute. ElectroStrainer Systems can be installed in parallel for flow rates exceeding 75 gpm.

About Electrosea

ElectroSea invented the ClearLine System for marine growth prevention in 2019, and it was quickly adopted by leading boatbuilders. In 2022 the company further strengthened its seawater system reliability with SeaStrong seal-less centrifugal stainless washdown ready pump. Today, ElectroSea continues to lead the industry in innovation with its revolutionary ElectroStrainer all-in-one system. ElectroSea continues to spearhead the movement to maintenance-free boating.

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