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Double Digit Striped Marlin Action

Galapagos Islands Marlin Report

Santa Cruz Island

The fishing just has not stopped being incredible this year and you are missing out! Kyle Witting from California and his friends booked some marlin fishing action with us out of Santa Cruz. Onboard Patricia with Captain Yury Gutierrez at the helm they fished 0-30 Bank on Dec 9, 2021. The bank was full of sardines and marine life. Birds diving , sea lions and striped marlin crashing bait on the surface were quite a sight.

The action was pretty much nonstop except for when they had to slow down to fight fish. Multiple fish in the spread and double and triple hookups were on the order of the day. This is the kind of hot action you can expect most days in the Galapagos at the moment:

23 striped marlin were raised with 17 bites and 10 releases.

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Title: Double Digit Striped Marlin Action
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