July 24, 2024

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Diver Films The Bottom Of The Boca Grande Phosphate Dock! Check Out What He Found!

Holy Goliath Grouper Honey Hole!

After watching countless videos of anglers pulling up Goliath Grouper in and around the famous old phosphate dock at Boca Grande, I always knew that there must be a bunch of them down there.

And after fishing around this area many times and getting broken off in the pilings, I knew there must have been tons of grouper down there…

But I had no idea it was packed wall to wall with them.

Make sure to watch the entire video to see just how big this school of Goliath Grouper really is.


The diver, explorer, and photographer David Vanden Bosch (aka Diver Dave) was the guy who captured all of this amazing footage last month while down at the bottom of the old Boca Grande Phosphate Dock.

To say that those old pillars were LOADED with fish is an understatement.

Not only did he find what could be the world record Goliath Grouper hideout, but he also saw snook, snapper, spadefish, and even a toadfish!

Great job David! Thank you for sharing this amazing dive with us.

I know there are countless anglers that have always wondered what the view was like down there.


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