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Discovering the Beauty of Northern California Bass Fishing

Discovering the Beauty of Northern California Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing is popularly known on the different parts of the world! Many people are getting into it. There are even a lot of testimonies regarding their incomparable experiences with this. They were able to share important moments they shared with other people who are also hooked into this form of leisure!

One of the states that have greatly promoted it with their natural beauty and assets and where bass fishing is also very popular is the Northern California. Let’s see on how they give importance to it and on how they tend to get fascinated with bass fishing!

Northern California fishing offers a wide range and varieties of opportunities. By far the most rewarding experiences are best noted to happen in the Sacramento River watershed. It is also because the water types and fishing prospects there are diverse and unique as compared to other lakes and rivers in the place.

When anglers talk about California fishing, often they really mean Northern California fishing. In this area, you will find Salmon: Chinook and Kokanee; Trout: Rainbow, Steelhead and Browns; Catfish: Whites, Channels and Bullhead; Bass: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted and Stripers. There are also Crappie, Sturgeon, and Shad runs.

The massive Sacramento River in Northern California has always been the hottest spot that is commonly visit by bass fishing aficionado. Its watershed encompasses important river and lakes. The rivers include not only the Sacramento River which is the most popular, but as well as the American, the Feather, the McCloud, the Pit, the Yuba, and Squaw Creek. On the other hand, among the lakes are Shasta, Whiskeytown, Lake Shastina, Lake Siskiyou, and the McCloud and Keswick Reservoirs.

Now, going back to the Sacramento River, people are fond of calling it the “Sac”. Talking about its geographical location, it stretches 384 miles and drains a third of California’s water. It has something to be really proud of because there you can find the distinction of the state record of being able to catch King Salmon that weigh at about 88 lbs.

Besides the Sacramento River, there are also other lakes in Northern California that you can go to experience great bass fishing. Here are six of them.

The Shasta – It is the largest man made reservoir in the whole of California. This lake provides many great points for anglers to bass fish in. This lake provides many points to go to.

Clear Lake – Not only is it top ranked in the whole state as the best bass lake in California, it is also ranked high among the other lakes in the whole nation.

Folsom Lake – Even with the many bathers and boats in the area, this place is a haven for many anglers on the know-how. There are some points I n the lakes where bass fishes thrive and can grow to gargantuan sizes.

The Cal Delta – Offering up to 2,000 miles of shoreline, this lake is known for its profusion of big bass fishes. The sheer size provides many anglers to position themselves without crowding the area.

Berryessa – A beautiful lake with crystal clear waters filled with large bass fishes. Many Bass fishing trips has ended in a happy not in this lake.

Oroville – California’s topnotch spot for spotted bass fish. This is the place for the adventurous bass fishers who loves a great challenge.

The Northern California’s Bass Fishing Report.

Dyed-in-the-wool fishermen know if you want to catch fish, you go where the fish are. What bit yesterday may not bite today? But general trends do hold and fishing forecasts from Master Guides carry a lot of weight.

Few basins rival the Sacramento Valley’s fish biomass density. Its rivers and streams are measured in thousands of fish per mile, while its reservoirs are gauged in tons per square acre. This is a fisherman’s paradise.

The Sacramento River watershed’s constantly changing water levels peak and recede in annual cycles. This flux is both natural and man-made.

Knowledge and experience of these rhythms can mean the difference between a productive fishing trip and a waste of valuable fishing time. Having someone who can pinpoint the best time and place to fish is what makes guided fishing so much more productive than spending your years on trial and error.

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