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Deep Sea Fishing Guide for Cozumel

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About a dozen miles off the coast of Mexico lies the serene island of Cozumel. The natural beauty of your surroundings will be matched only by the excellent angling opportunities found here. This is the case across the Riviera Maya. But, if you ask us, deep sea fishing in Cozumel really takes the cake!

An aerial photo of waters surrounding Cozumel on a sunny day.

The best thing about the Mesoamerican Reef is that you’ll have access to some of the most popular gamefish species in the world. It’s one of those places where something is biting all year long. Join us as we explore these majestic blue waters, starting with the fish that inhabit them.

Top Deep Sea Catches in Cozumel

From various hard-fighting pelagics to a number of delicious bottom feeders, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice in Cozumel. We’re sure you’ll find something that’s right up your alley, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. So without further ado, let’s jump in.


A smiling angler holds up a Sailfish he recently caught on a deep sea trip in Cozumel.

One of the main reasons anglers gather here year after year is the possibility of reeling in a Billfish Grand Slam. What’s that? Well, at some point in the summer you’ll have Blue Marlin, White Marlin, and Sailfish all available in the surrounding waters. Get your hands on one of each during your trip and there you have it. It’s a good thing you won’t need to spend a lot of time getting to the fishing grounds – time is of the essence when aiming for the Grand Slam.

Both Marlin and Billfish are among the most spectacular fish you’ll have the pleasure of going after. Not only will they give you a run for your money, but their acrobatics are a sight to behold. The harder the fight, the better the feeling once you’ve actually reeled in one of these bad boys for a photo. And to top it all off, you may even run into the odd Swordfish if you’re lucky enough!

Mahi Mahi and Wahoo

A smiling angler poses on a boat with a Mahi Mahi he recently caught on a deep sea trip.

Those of you in the market for something a bit less intense than the full Billfish experience will be happy to know there are other fish in the sea. One of our favorites is Mahi Mahi, and we’re sure they’ll become yours as well. These colorful creatures will also put up a good fight – they’re anything but pushovers. Another thing they’ve got going for them is the fact that they make for delicious table fare at the end of the day.

Wahoo aren’t as tasty, but they make up for it in other ways. These stubborn fish will run away with your reel in a flash if you let them. Somehow they always tend to show up when you least expect. That’s why they’re commonly known in the fishing world as every angler’s “favorite bycatch.” But that’s doing them a disservice!

Snappers and Groupers

A pair of happy anglers holding a Cubera Snapper they just caught on a deep sea fishing trip in Cozumel.

Like you’d expect from a place so close to the Mesoamerican Reef, Cozumel’s waters are positively brimming with bottom feeders. The most popular of the bunch has to be Cubera Snapper. These chunky fish grow to impressive sizes so using heavy tackle is a must. Local anglers will often call them “Red” Snapper, but it’s not the same Red Snapper that you find in the Gulf of Mexico.

And as is usually the case when you run into Snappers, Groupers won’t be far behind either. In this case, we’re talking Black, Broomtail, and Goliath Grouper. They’re popular targets for local spearfishers (more on that in a bit), but you can still bottom fish for them to your heart’s content. Both Snappers and Groupers are excellent choices for those times when you want to fill up the freezer and have a gourmet lunch or dinner.


Two smiling anglers on a boat pose for a photo with a Tuna they recently caught.

Speaking of lunch or dinner, Tuna is another popular option for the dining table. Cozumel is home to plenty of Albacore Tuna at pretty much any time of year, so a fun time on the water is almost inevitable. These bad boys have some of the best-tasting meat on the market, which makes them very popular with anglers all over.

Apart from tasting great, they’re determined fighters who’ll strip off your line in seconds if you don’t watch out. They tend to move in schools, so once you’ve got one hooked there’s a good chance for repeat success. Just make sure to boat the first one you find – otherwise the whole school might skip town and leave you hanging out to dry.

When to Go Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel

Three anglers on a boat holding a Sailfish they caught on a deep sea trip in Cozumel.

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s something biting in Cozumel all year long. That being said, you can still make plans best suited for the specific species you’re after. The climate is great and shouldn’t give you any trouble, but be sure to double-check the weather conditions if you plan on visiting in the fall around the stormy season. Better safe than sorry!

To give a couple of examples, May to July is the ideal time to be going after Billfish, especially if you’ve set your sights on the Grand Slam. It’s also a good time for other pelagics like Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo. On the other hand, Tuna fishing in Cozumel hits its stride a bit earlier in spring, while the Snapper bite is usually best from October until the end of the year.

How to Go Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel

Now that you know what you’re after, let’s talk a little about how you’ll actually go after any of these fish. For example, spearfishing is popular with locals, especially for bottom-feeding fish, but the final choice is always up to you. We’ve picked out the three most common techniques you can expect to use on a standard deep sea fishing trip out of Cozumel.


A charter boat headed to the fishing grounds.

Let’s start off with the obvious choice for going after the local favorites – trolling. Trolling involves setting up a number of lines at the back of the boat and letting them trail as the boat moves across your chosen fishing spot. This way you’re looking to mimic the moving patterns of bait fish enough for your target to pounce on it. When the rod starts to bend, it’s go time!

This technique is your best shot for going after Billfish and other pelagics. You can use either live or dead bait to entice them – your charter captain will suggest the best option depending on what you’re after.

Bottom Fishing

An angler sits on a fighting chair at the back of a boat, getting ready to fish.

Now if you plan on hitting the reefs in search of bottom feeders, this will be your technique of choice. Boil it down to the essentials and it’s pretty simple – head out to your desired fishing spot, anchor the boat, and drop your line to the bottom. Congratulations, you’re bottom fishing! All you have to do now is wait for the bite and reel your catch in when it’s ready to give.

There’s also a special type of bottom fishing used when heading out in really deep waters – and that’s deep dropping. This involves using specialized equipment for reaching more extreme depths and reeling in the huge fish that live there. Trust us, you’ll be grateful for that electric reel when you see the size of some of those Groupers.


A spearfisher diving underwater and holding a Snapper he caught.

Last, but certainly not least, we have spearfishing. This is by far the most active way to fish since you’ll be taking them on face-to-gills, quite literally. You’ll be diving in the water, speargun in hand and ready to shoot some fish. Most people go spearfishing for Grouper or Snapper since this technique leaves no room for catch and release. That’s why it makes sense to only go after those species you plan on taking home with you.

While spearfishing is very popular in Cozumel and Mexico in general, not all charter operators offer it right off the bat. Be sure your captain knows you want to go spearfishing prior to the trip because they’ll need to prepare all the necessary equipment for the job. Alternatively, you can also look for dedicated spearfishing outfitters if that’s your main priority.

Cozumel Deep Sea Fishing Regulations

When going into the deep blue in a foreign country, it’s essential to make sure you’re following the law. Like elsewhere in Mexico, you’ll need to have a fishing license when out on the water. The easiest way to handle it is to have your charter operator provide it for a small fee. Otherwise, you can handle it yourself through the GOB website.

As for bag limits, everything is very straightforward. There’s a limit of 10 fish per day per angler, with a few notable exceptions. The most important one for deep sea fishing is that you can only keep one Billfish, and it will count as five regular fish for that trip. Most anglers prefer to practice catch and release for these superstars, so it’s something that rarely comes into play to begin with.

Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel: Year-round Excitement!

A view from the water of a quiet pier off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico.

That about covers it for everything the deep blue waters of Cozumel have to offer. As you can see, there’s hardly a dull moment on this beautiful island! This fishery can easily cater to newcomers and intrepid veterans alike. Add to that a whole army of charters doing business year-round, and you’ve got all the ingredients for the trip of a lifetime.

Have you ever been deep sea fishing in Cozumel? What was it like? Catch anything bragworthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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