May 26, 2024

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Daiwa Showcases New Reel for Deep Drop and Kite Fishing

Until AI and cyborgs overtake fishing, power-assist reels will remain on the sport’s technological forefront. This is especially true of those branded Daiwa – the category leader – including the new and transformative SEAPOWER 1200.

The SEAPOWER 1200 finds itself in Daiwa’s extensive “Dendoh” saltwater lineup. The term Dendoh has its origins in Japanese anime where a couple of youngsters battled evil with Transformer-like action figures. For Daiwa, as it relates to deepwater fishing, Dendoh means highly specialized rods and reels that provide a powered-edge for bringing up leviathans from unfathomable depths of the Atlantic.

The Daiwa Seapower 1200 is 50% more powerful than Daiwa’s Tanacom power-assist reels.

At the center of DAIWA’s SEAPOWER 1200 is an exceptionally powerful brushed variable speed motor with elite gearing. Built inside the spool, the SEAPOWER 1200’s engine drives precision planetary gearing. Common in industrial applications, this advanced system features a center gear (sun gear) with evenly distributed planetary gears. The SEAPOWER 1200’s planetary gearing grants exceptional power, torque, and durability.

How much power? DAIWA Marketing Director Marc Mills says, “The SEAPOWER 1200 is 50% more powerful than our Tanacom power-assist reels.” Such faculty gives the angler an advantage over brutes like swordfish, snowy grouper, tilefish, and other hard-pulling deepwater dwellers.

The Seapower 1200 features a center gear (sun gear) with evenly distributed planetary gears that grant this reel exceptional power, torque, and durability.

Beyond its power and torque, features-galore further define the new lightweight, aluminum-framed SEAPOWER 1200. Starting with the stellar display, the SEAPOWER 1200 sports a brightly lit, easily operated dot LCD screen that can be read at all angles. Moreover, languages are selectable for international applications.

Mills is also quick to point out the level-wind guide. “It’s made from an extremely hard silicon carbide (SiC) material and is generously sized for swivels and line connections to pass through. This is a key feature for kite fishing, and what offshore anglers have been asking for.”

Its JOG Power Lever allows for instant power adjustments without having to take your hand off the rod. A sleek metal ball knob provides maximum contact between you and the handle. Ball knobs yield optimal balance, rotation, and functionality.

Those exceptionally deep marks on the sonar are no longer out of range. With a little assistance from DAIWA’s new SEAPOWER 1200, the seemingly bottomless is under your control.

SEAPOWER 1200 Features and Specifications:

  • Deep Dropping or Kite Fishing
  • New Motor Design for Maximum Torque and Power
  • Easy Operation dot LCD Screen with Selectable Languages
  • Planetary Gearing
  • All-Aluminum Body
  • Holds 1,110 Yards of 80 lb. DAIWA J-Braid or
  • Max Winding Power: 32 lbs.
  • Momentary Winding Power: 108 lbs.
  • No-Load Winding Speed: 140m/Min Rated
  • Oversize (Sic) Line-Guide
  • Power Cord with 12v Clips
  • Aluminum Round Knob
  • JOG Variable Speed Power Lever

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