April 17, 2024

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CY55 Debuts From Composite Yacht

The CY55 on the water.

The new Composite Yacht CY55 reaches a top speed of 54.9 knots, a speed potentially not yet seen by conventionally driven diesel sportfishing boats. Lou Codega and Associates had this goal in mind when they designed this high-performance hull. To endure the loads a boat of this size and weight must support at these speeds, the vessel has a carbon and Kevlar laminate that utilizes heat activated urethane-acrylate resin.

Although not all clients will require this lofty speed, the advancements made in the design and construction of the CY55 will be beneficial in subsequent builds by providing an excellent turn of speed while retaining the maneuverability and “clean transom” desired by many offshore fishermen, which is an attribute that only twin diesel engines in conventional configuration can provide. Similarly, the design will prove appealing to all boaters that prefer conventional inboard diesel power and are seeking greater speed than has been available in the past.

The engine of the CY55.

About Composite Yacht

In business for 20 years, Composite Yacht is a family owned and operated custom yacht builder and full service yard on the Chesapeake Bay where “traditional craftsmanship meets modern build techniques.” From its inception, Composite Yacht has focused on utilizing advanced composite materials to provide robust strength of construction and durability.


Rob Hardy

Sales Manager



The cockpit of the CY55.

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