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Curacao Fishery: The Complete Guide

Willemstad Pietermaai Curacao, colorful buildings around Willemstad Punda and Otrobanda, multicolored homes Curacao Caribean Island

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When the world thinks of Caribbean angling paradises, the shores of Curaçao – a gem just off the coast of Venezuela – are often unjustly overlooked. Yet, for those in the know, fishing in Curaçao is a journey into a unique underwater world. The largest of the “ABC Islands,” it harbors a fishing scene that’s as colorful and diverse as its Dutch architecture and multicultural streets.

Still officially under the rule of the Netherlands, Curaçao offers a unique blend of Caribbean allure and European sophistication. This fusion is evident not just in the island’s charming cities but also in its waters, where angling turns into an art. Renowned for being safe and linguistically diverse – with English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento spoken widely – Curaçao invites anglers from all over the globe to experience its “Caribbean bliss with a European twist.”

This guide is your invitation to explore Curaçao’s fishing realm. We’ll take you deep into the variety of fish species on offer, the island’s prime fishing spots, techniques, and more. Hook your curiosity and read on!

Top Curaçao Fish Species

The secrets of Curaçao’s waters are just a reel away. In this up-and-coming island, a dozen main target species await. While the variety is broad, the sheer quantity of each local game fish sets Curaçao apart. Let’s dive into the main catches:

Deep Sea Species

In the deep blue waters around Curaçao, the dance of Billfish and Tuna plays out year-round. Miss the Billfish season? You’ll find yourself right in the heart of Tuna season. And the challenge of landing these giants on light tackle is a true test of skill and nerve! More on this below…

Billfish and Tuna

A hand holds the bill of a large Marlin that's swimming in swirling blue seas next to a boat in Curaçao before being released
Photo courtesy of Fish Curacao on Papucho IV

So, we’ll start with some titans. Anglers from around the world flock to Curaçao to fight with Blue and White Marlin, alongside Sailfish. Blues are the largest, promising a true test of endurance, with some catches reaching over 400 pounds. Their White counterparts, though smaller, are no less majestic.

The Tuna species, particularly Yellowfin, offer a similar kind of thrill. These deep divers weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. With the addition of Albacore and Skipjack vairieties, the Tuna and Billfish seasons in Curaçao become a celebration of agility, technique, and skill. Try trolling and chumming to attract these swift creatures, setting the stage for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Mahi Mahi and Wahoo

Four children stand aboard a boat holding two Mahi Mahi and one Wahoo near forested shorelines with a small group of yachts in the background
Photo courtesy of Fish on Curacao on Papucho IV

Wahoo and Mahi Mahi are the next stars of Curaçao’s deep sea fishing scene. Wahoo, known locally as “Mula,” are crowd favorites not only for their fighting skills but also for their delectable taste. Winter is the prime time to target these fast swimmers, known for their sudden, powerful runs and aerial acrobatics. On average, Wahoo in Curaçao can reach lengths of up to 60 inches.

Mahi Mahi are another important game fish in Curaçao. “Druda,” as they’re known locally, become a spectacle in the waters from January to May with their dazzling colors and dramatic leaps. Anglers are often treated to the sight of packs of over 20. Fishing techniques for Mahi Mahi typically involve trolling with lures or live bait, as they often hang out near floating objects and weed lines. The thrill of hooking a Mahi Mahi is matched only by the culinary delight it offers post-catch.

Reef and Inshore

Curaçao’s reefs are a paradise for divers – and they’re equally inviting for anglers. Here, the potential catch is as varied as it is abundant. And don’t overlook the island’s emerging flats fishing scene, with murky bays revealing Tarpon.

Grouper and Snapper

A view from above of a pleased angler holding a Snapper with calm blue open seas in the background
Photo courtesy of Sunrise Charters N.V.

First of all, Curaçao’s reefs are simply perfect for Grouper and Snapper fishing. The most common species in Curaçao include Goliath and Nassau Groupers, with some exceeding 50 pounds. They provide a challenging fight for heavy tackle enthusiasts, especially when they dive back into their rocky hideouts once hooked.

Snappers, diverse in species, add a colorful variety to the local fishing scene. From the smaller but feisty Mutton to the larger and elusive Cubera, each species offers something unique. Techniques such as bottom fishing with cut bait or jigging are effective in luring both Snappers and Groupers.

Tarpon and Barracuda

A pleased man holds a Barracuda while standing on a Curaçao dock next to a boat on a sunny day
Photo courtesy of La Menta Boattrips

Curaçao’s shallow waters and bays are home to Tarpon and Barracuda. The “Silver Kings” of the flats often exceed 100 pounds, testing your skill and gear in equal measure. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to target Tarpon, using techniques such as live baiting or fly fishing.

Barracuda, with their razor-sharp teeth and aggressive nature, often lurk around reefs and in clear, shallow areas. They’re known for their explosive strikes and high-speed runs, but that won’t surprise anyone. Averaging around 20–30 pounds, these predators react well to trolling, casting, and even fly fishing. The thrill of catching a Barracuda is heightened by the fact that they’re safe to eat in Curaçao – a rare treat!

Bonus: Bull Shark

An underwater image of a Bull Shark swimming close to a sandy sea bed in shallow water among strands of sea grass

In the kaleidoscopic underwater world of Curaçao, a rare and thrilling encounter awaits the most patient of anglers – Bull Sharks. These elusive brutes of the sea add a layer of mystique to the already exciting fishing tales of the island. Spotting a Bull Shark in Curaçao’s waters is an event as rare as it is exhilarating.

These ocean nomads glide through the coastal shallows, often close to the island’s reefs. The proportions of a potential catch are also epic. Bull Sharks can grow over 7 feet long and weigh more than 200 pounds. Prepare some robust gear. If you dare!

Top Curaçao Fishing Types

By now, you should have a good idea about the local fishing menu in Curaçao. But there’s more than one way to catch that prize. Here are a few of the most popular techniques to help you get your hand on the island’s prized fish.

Shore Fishing in Curaçao

A view from behind of a lone angler fishing from shore as it's getting dark, effectively making the angler a silhouette against a background of the water

Shore and surf fishing in Curaçao epitomizes the island’s laid-back yet adventurous spirit. Its extensive coastline is a mix of rocky outcrops and sandy beaches. They all invite anglers to cast for species like Bonefish and Barracuda. Check out Spanish Water and Fuikbaai, along with Jan Thiel Bay and Playa Porto Marie, which are perfect for a couple of hours of shore fishing.

If that’s not enough, you can enjoy the serene environment while waiting for a catch in spots like Playa Kalki and Playa Lagun. These areas are not only excellent for their variety of fish but also make for a less crowded setting. Pack your light tackle and wade through shallow waters or cast from a secluded beach.

Fly Fishing in Curaçao

An angler wades through shallow water close to shore holding a fly rod ready to go fly fishing

Curaçao’s fly fishing opportunities, though not as renowned as in other Caribbean destinations, bring plenty of charm and challenges. The island’s clear, shallow flats are ideal for pursuing species like Tarpon and Bonefish on the fly.

This type of fishing requires a blend of skill and patience, where sight casting becomes an art. A stealthy approach and accurate casting are essential. If you’re keen on this sport, come prepared with your preferred flies and gear, as local resources might be limited. Small crabs or shrimp patterns as effective flies for Bonefish, while larger streamers are perfect for Tarpon.

Deep Sea Fishing in Curaçao

A woman sits in a fighting chair while deep sea fishing with heavy tackle next to a charter boat captain on a boat in Curaçao on a clear day
Photo courtesy of La Menta Boattrips

Deep sea fishing off the coast of Curaçao is an adventure into the unknown deep blue, with big game catches like Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. The excitement of trolling for Marlin, the anticipation of a Tuna strike, and the satisfaction of reeling in a Mahi Mahi make deep sea fishing in Curaçao an unforgettable experience!

Trolling with artificial lures or live bait such as ballyhoo is a common technique for enticing these offshore giants. Anglers often use downriggers to keep the bait at the desired depth, a tactic especially effective for Billfish. However, you’re welcome to tailor your approach to whatever species you’re after.

Charter Fishing in Curaçao

A group of happy holidaymakers stand aboard a fishing charter in Curaçao while holding colorful Mahi Mahi and Tuna
Photo courtesy of La Menta Boattrips

Booking a Curaçao fishing charter is the best way to explore the island’s angling scene. The charters, primarily departing from Jan Thiel in the east or Piscadera Bay in the west, offer quick access to the best fishing grounds. These spots are close to Willemstad, which means that you can enjoy deep sea action without venturing too far from shore.

Curaçao’s charter boats cater to everyone. They usually come equipped with the necessary gear and are staffed by experienced crews who can provide invaluable guidance, whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner. Just make sure to consult with your guide in advance regarding all the necessary equipment if you’re up for experimenting with your techniques.

Where to Go Fishing in Curaçao

An aerial view of the sprawling islands in the Spanish Waters lagoon on a sunny and cloudy day
Photo courtesy of Captain Boots Adventures Curacao

In Curaçao, your typical journey to a fishing paradise will begin just steps away from the streets of the capital, Willemstad. The beauty of fishing here lies in the proximity of the fishing grounds. Exceptional deep-sea action is found just a short distance from the city’s heartbeat. Here are just some of the other spots that might interest you:

  • Klein Curaçao. A jewel in the deep blue, this uninhabited islet floats 20 miles southeast of Willemstad. Here, the sea’s giants roam in abundance. The island’s isolated location, perched on the edge of a 1,500′ underwater drop-off, creates a unique ecosystem where big game species thrive.
  • Spanish Water. This tranquil inlet is a sanctuary for inshore fishing enthusiasts. Its calm waters are a haven for Tarpon and many other coastal species. The area’s rich marine life, combined with its picturesque setting, creates a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.
  • Westpunt. Located at the island’s westernmost tip, this is a perfect spot for reef fishing. The coastline is dotted with gorgeous reefs, home to Grouper and Snapper. Divers are also welcome!
  • Tugboat Beach. A popular beach among shore fishing aficionados, it offers a rich variety of fish just a cast away from the shore. This accessible location is perfect for a relaxed day of fishing.
  • Curaçao Ridge. This underwater mountain range 60 miles northeast of the island is the crown jewel of Curaçao’s fishing spots. The prime spot during the Blue Marlin Release Tournament, it’s a destination for the most ambitious anglers.
  • Willemstad. The capital itself is more than just a picturesque Caribbean city. Willemstad’s harbor and nearby beaches offer accessible and diverse fishing opportunities. Right in the heart of downtown, you can cast a line for Tarpon, Jacks, and Snappers, among others.

Curaçao Fishing Seasons

A happy angler holds a large Wahoo on a boat by clear blue seas and a white sandy shoreline on a sunny summer day
Photo courtesy of La Menta Boattrips

Curaçao is nestled comfortably outside the main hurricane belt, so it’s pretty much unaffected by the late summer tempests that challenge its northern neighbors.

Spring is a time of abundance for those seeking Billfish, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna during early mornings and late afternoons. Despite its unpredictability, summer is marked by fishing tournaments, as well as opportunities to land Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Marlin.

As Curaçao gets ready for monsoon seasons in the fall, the sea conditions shift, making it prime time for Barracuda, Kingfish, and Mackerel. You’ll need to keep an eye on weather changes, though, since this season demands adaptability.

And finally, winter sees changing sea temperatures influence fish behaviors. Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Blue Marlin become the main attractions this time of year. So, in short, fishing here is strong pretty much year-round!

Curaçao Fishing Rules and Regulations

An infographic featuring the flag of Curaçao, a vector of a boat, and the FishingBooker logo, along with text stating "Curaçao Fishing Regulations: What You Need to Know" against a blue background

Any angling adventure in Curaçao is intertwined with a commitment to conservation. This includes catch limits, seasonal restrictions, and respecting protected areas, especially the marine sanctuaries where fishing is off-limits. You can get more details through local fishing authorities and your charter operator.

Shore anglers delight in the simplicity of the fact that no license is required, a nod to the island’s laid-back approach to life and leisure. When booking a charter, the question of permits and regulations will be managed by the charter company, so you can sit back and enjoy!

Curaçao: Uncharted Waters of the Caribbean

Two small wooden fishing boats sit on a sandy beach in Curacao next to the calm green-blue waters of a bay and in the shadow of a small palm tree-lined cliff with houses on it

Curaçao is a Caribbean heaven that has somehow remained under the radar. This relative anonymity provides a rare opportunity for anglers – to fish before the inevitable arrival of larger crowds. You’ll be greeted by an extraordinary place, where the local Kunuku boats gently sway to the rhythm of Caribbean waters. So, book a trip and get ready to discover the untapped wonders of fishing in Curaçao!

Have you ever been fishing in Curaçao? What’s your favorite spot? What about the top species to target? Let us know in the comments below!

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