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Cooler Water Around 0-30 Bank Between San Cristobal & Santa Cruz

Cooler waters have move in from the Humboldt Current and pushed the warmer water North.  The last few days our crew onboard the Patricia fished 0-30 Bank in 71 F with seas in the 4 to 5 foot range and wind 12 to 17 nots.  Not the worst of seas but not the calmest either. 

One of our 36 ft sportfishers named Patricia was captained by Yury Gutierrez. Patricia fished August 28 and 29 on 0-30 Bank with a fly angler from Uruguay.  They found a decent amount of fish but the sardines seemed to stay deeper at times and then would push to the surface and the striped marlin would appear in the spread.

August 28, 2021– Patricia fishing with a guest from Uruguay fished 0-30 Bank.  They managed to raise 12 striped marlin and tease in 6.  Our angler was able to cast at all 6 fish and got 3 bites.  He went on to release 2 striped marlin estimated at 120# and 160# on 20# tippet.  The crew worked 3 teasers.

August 29, 2021– The crew noted that the fish were a bit more finicky today and staying down with the bait longer.  They raised 9 striped marlin and 4 teased in but only got 1 bite on the fly.  The fish spit the fly early in the fight.

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Title: Cooler Water Around 0-30 Bank Between San Cristobal & Santa Cruz
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