July 23, 2024

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Blue Marlins and Tunas are Hot in The Galapagos Islands Now

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Fishing continue to be red hot for almost no matter what you want to fish for in the Galapagos Islands. Our last group to book the 20% off special we ran from June to October this year took advantage to the max. Local anglers from Ecuador who fish with our company every year bought a discounted trip for 5 days fishing at 20% off and it paid off in a big way. They chose to fish Isabela Island.

Oct 19, 2023– The crew of the Patricia picked up at the dock in Puerto Ayora the Fernandez group and headed out to Hancock Bank to fish for wahoo and tuna before they ran to Isabela. The bank was alive with baitfish and it was not long before the reels were screaming with the first double hookup of wahoo. The action continued throughout the day as they had multiple bites from yellowfin tuna 15 to about 45 pounds. After catching enough fish to eat Captain Yuri called lines in about 12:30 and they made a run for Post Office on Floreana Island.

Floreana is known for the biggest tuna ever caught on rod and reel in the Galapagos. A 357 pound bigeye was boated onboard Big Fish which was one of Ecuagringo’s most popular boats 12 years ago. The island is also known to sometimes produce very big blue and black marlin. Perhaps not known for high numbers but it has coughed up a few blue and black marlin over 1000 pounds in the past. They set the lines and trolled large lures until 3:30 pm with no bites and picked up and ran to Isabela Island.

Oct 20, 2023– Captain Yuri was pulling out of Puerto Villamil just before 8:00 am. By 8:45 am lines were in the water for not 8 minutes when a very nice blue estimated around 600# slammed the right long twice and missed the hook. The fish did not come back. Around 10:06 am a nice striped marlin ate right short and made for a quick release on the 130# Alutecnos rig.

Conditions looked good with water 75/76 F as around 12:15 they came upon half an acre of tunas boiling water. The tuna did not bite but as the boat turned away from the tunas the left long started to scream and a blue around 500# started off in the opposite direction. 35 minutes later and the fish was released without much hassle. The rest of the day was quiet except for a nice mahi mahi about 25 pounds that would make for a good dinner.

Oct 21, 2023– Patricia pulled out of the harbor just about 8:00 am. They decide to run a little further today and began fishing about 15 miles South of port. Close to 10 am came the first bite. A monster blue marlin estimated over 800# swallowed the right short. The youngest member of the Fernandez family got the work. Ramiro at 16 years old had his work cut out on the 130#. about and hour and 25 minutes later the fish was by the side of the boat revived and released. Around lunch time there was a mystery knock down on the right long and a big dorsal fin looking like another big blue was seen chasing but faded away. The day would end without any more action but nevertheless a great day!

Oct 22, 2023– Having their fill of blue marlin the previous days the group decided they wanted to try their hand at bottom fishing and when for scorpionfish, groupers, tiles and other reef fish in 600 feet of water with electric reels. It was a fun day and they had enough to eat by 1 pm and decided to run back to Santa Cruz.

Folks with the El Niño event happening now the waters are unusually warm for this time of the year and we have some really good giant blue marlin fishing going on. Contact us today to book a last minute trip or secure your dates during the 2024 prime season. The striped marlin bite is really good out of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands.

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