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Angler’s Choice Awards Oct 20,22: Winners… and what’s next…

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As you know by now, the Angler’s Choice Award has undergone some pretty big changes, including how often you’ll be able to win it. Instead of annually, you’ll be able to win every three months. We’re ready to announce the latest round of winners!

To see if you’ve won, simply check your inbox for an email from us. You can also check your Angler’s Choice Award dashboard here. We want to say a big congratulations to all winners this quarter!

Going forward, we’ll still take into consideration your performance over a 12 month period. For example, the October award looks at your activity from October 2021–October 2022 to see whether you’ve won. In January, when the next award is announced, we’ll take into consideration the time period between January 2022 and January 2023.

So how can you make sure you’re on the winners list next time? And what lies ahead for Angler’s Choice? Below, we’ve highlighted a change to the progress tracker that’ll let you look at your performance even more in depth, as well as some exciting new developments coming in the future…

Check your past and current progress

Since July, you’ve been able to use the Angler’s Choice progress tracker to see how close you are to winning the award. Until now, it has only let you see which requirements you’re meeting and which you still need to work on:

But what if you want to see more than just your current stats? Well, now you can! With the updated progress tracker, you can choose a specific time period in the past to see if you met all the requirements then. This gives you a better insight into how the Angler’s Choice Award works, and you can see how your actions have directly impacted your progress. Here’s what it looks like:

Are you standing out in your area?

Once you know how close you are to winning the award, you can take things a step further by checking out the competition (and how well you rank) in your area. This will let you know exactly who you’re up against! All you need to do is:

  • Go to, search for your location in the top left corner, and click on it
  • You’ll be taken to a page which shows a list of charters in your area, with different filter options on the left-hand side
  • Under “Recommended,” tick the “Angler’s Choice” option
  • Now, you’ll see a list of charters in your area that only have received the Angler’s Choice Award

The future of Angler’s Choice…

The Angler’s Choice Award is all about you, which is why your feedback is so important. In the past, it’s been changed based on your thoughts – instead of the Realization Rate, the Reliability Score is now part of the criteria, for example. We’re constantly striving to make the award the best it can be.

At the moment, Angler’s Choice is a quarterly award that’s all about showing customers you’re providing excellent service – right here, right now.

Going forward, we’ll be working on our Super Angler’s Choice Award, giving you the chance to win an award that’s judged yearly, and recognizes captains who uphold a quality service quarter after quarter each year. The Angler’s Choice Award widget will also be getting an overhaul so you can show off your status. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

Did you win the Angler’s Choice award this year? Is there anything you want to see included in the award in the future? We’d love to know your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below, or feel free to email us with your questions!

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