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All Pacific Species Of Marlin Possible In The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known to produce what many anglers consider the best marlin fishing in the world! This title does not come lightly as the Galapagos seem to produce incredible year round numbers of striped marlin.

Anglers can expect to raise from 5 to over 100 marlin any day of the year.
The seamount and banks surrounding San Cristobal Island attract sardines and squid which bring top predators like yellowfin and big eye tuna plus striped marlin. However other areas of the Galapagos are well known to attract blue marlin, black marlin and even swordfish.

Most anglers spending a decent amount of days fishing in the Galapagos will usually have good shots at encountering all three species of Pacific marlin should they target them. While striped marlin are found on the banks and seamounts, blue marlin tend to haunt the edges and drop offs around the same banks or the deep drops near the islands.

Black marlin are usually found near the deep edges or off the banks in the Galapagos. Year after year black marlin seem to be raised in the same spots near the banks for some reason not yet known.

In order to increase you chances of catching all Pacific species of marlin you need to go where the fish are. January to May has the warmest water in the the Galapagos Islands. Blue and black marlin like warmer waters and if you want to target these bigger fish then the first half of each year is generally the best time.

Every year anglers encounter blue marlin over 1000 pounds off the Isabela Island. Black marlin are not uncommon either near Isabela.

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