December 7, 2023

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A Taste of Sportfishing: Galaxy Diner

Galaxy Diner as seen from outside.
By Colleen Leidner

Minutes from Stuart, Florida’s Willis Boatworks on Kanner Highway (formerly American Custom Yachts), there is a charming little restaurant named Galaxy Diner owned and operated by two gentlemen and their families.

Nain Mora and Greivin Chacon have been partners for five years. They began working with each other in the 90s in Chester, New Jersey. “We built a family bond back in New Jersey, and that’s where we learned all of what we know,” Chacon says.

Galaxy Diner Is Born

The two went their separate ways after a while, only to be reunited by business after the restaurant was opened back in 2006 by Mora.

“I called [Chacon] up after a couple years and asked him to join me and be my partner in the diner. We both have the same experiences from way back when, and there is real friendship between us. We’re like brothers, we grew up together. Good friends and good relationships always make good business,” Mora says.

The two officially started a partnership in 2016. The business is family-run, and the “brothers” do their best to keep it that way. “Our employees have been here for a long time, they’re like family too. We do our best to keep the same people working for us and to treat them like we would like to be treated,” Chacon says.

The staff of Galaxy Diner.

A Personal Approach

Both Mora and Chacon work as chefs in the kitchen, ensuring quality and craftsmanship. “Everything is made from scratch, with love. While every other business owner is at home watching TV while his people work for him, we’re here being the chefs and dishwashers and busboys. We always check what we serve, and we’re on top of everything all the time. We do our best to put in all the love we can muster,” Chacon says.

“We try to give the best quality and consistency. We keep the same recipes, the same quality and the same service,” Mora says.

Some of the more popular food choices on the menu are the turkey sandwiches, Greek gyros and cheeseburgers. However, the diner is open for all three main meals of the day, breakfast and lunchtime being the most popular.

The Galaxy Diner Family

Most often, the sportfishing community shows up around lunchtime. “They are good customers, always loyal, and always here supporting us. This last year was tough on the entire industry, and without good people and good patronage it would have been even more difficult to stay open. They are a family all their own,” Chacon says.

Being a family-run business, both Chacon and Mora’s families are often at the diner. “It’s very tough to balance family life and the business,” Mora says. “After the pandemic, we often had to bring our families here so that we could get family time at all. So much of your focus goes into keeping a business after you almost lose it.”

Overall, the bond of family is something that runs deep in the history of the Galaxy Diner. If you’re ever in town, it’s well worth stepping in and trying the fare. Maybe you’ll even become part of the family.

The interior of Galaxy Diner.

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