July 23, 2024

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A Surfcaster’s Christmas

(Photo by Matt Haeffner)

Twas a week before Christmas when all through the nightNot a damn thing was swimming, I had not a biteThe plugs were all cast tight to structure with care,In hopes that one last monster cow would be there;Those with a stitch of sanity were home snug in bed,Only crazy die-hard surfcasters were tired, cold and wet;And I in my neoprenes and knit woolen cap,Would’ve been better off with an eight-hour nap; When out on the water was the sound of a splatter,I leaned my rod back, and I swung like a batter;Away flew my plug toward that distant splash,My bail shut, my line broke, and it cost me some cash;I tied on a new plug as along came a breeze,And my shivering fingers continued to freeze;I slipped on a rock and fell in with a splat,Soaking wet from my Korkers right up to my hat;Got a hook thru’ my waders, which sprung a nice leak,And the end of the season was looking quite bleak;I gave up, drove back home, and I crawled into bed,My shivering woke up my wife, who sleeps like the dead;She said “you’re obsessed” and then “it serves you right”,“Thank God it’s the end of the season…good night”.She thinks the next few months bring reprieve from my fishing,But I know and you know that’s just foolish wishing;There are plugs to repaint and hooks to replace,Tackle in the basement, strewn all over the place;Reels to grease, rods to wrap, plugs to turn, line to wind, Leaky waders to patch, and some dull hooks to grind;I’ll be out buying tackle, and of course tying flies,And on surfcasting websites reading good advice and lies;But…for the next couple nights I’ll just play the game,Do the Holiday thing, and convince her I’m sane;Do some minimal housework and rack up brownie points,While I recover from the fall run, healing muscles and joints;Work on saving my marriage, prevent a divorce,Or a fishing tackle tag sale…Which would be even worse…While anxiously waiting for that first warm spring breeze,And the water temp to reach that magic 45 degrees;And the stripers again have control of the night,While we search and we cast, and we wait for the bite;But for now I wish you, ‘cause the timing is right,Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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