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A Refit Case Study: 2008 61’ Spencer, MJ’s


Purchasing a 2008 boat in need of updates has its advantages. During a 10-month search to find such a boat was exactly what Michael Yocco and his father Joe accomplished.

“Our approach was to find a boat within a certain budget which included the purchase price and any upgrades we wanted. Then ask ourselves if the cost of refitting a boat is worth it based on the value post-refit,” Yocco says.

The 2008 61’ Spencer fit that criteria. The boat was purchased in December 2020 following a survey to ensure the engines and the boat were sound. Having owned boats for most of his adult life and with experience on three previous refits—including a 28’ Topaz, 31’ Blackfin and 55’ Blackwell—Michael Yocco knew exactly what he was getting into with the Spencer.

“I could have spent the money for a turn-key boat but it still would not have been outfitted the way I wanted. You are always going to redo something when you buy a pre-owned boat, regardless of how nice it is. Buying a pedigree like a Spencer made the expense of ‘making it the way you want’ a lot easier and justifiable. I was prepared for a refit. The biggest challenge was managing all the moving parts of the project and the stress of making on-the-spot decisions,” Yocco explains.

boat refit

A few weeks prior to the boat’s arrival in Palm Beach, Florida from Costa Rica, Yocco scheduled everything for the boat’s refit. Electronics were purchased, subcontractors were all given deposits and vendors and contractors were scheduled weeks in advance. Most of the work was performed at Seminole Boat Yard, a marketplace model yard in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Michael admits strict coordination of the contractors during the refit was key. His experience with project planning and being in the yard every day was instrumental in the project’s success. Providing guidance for the little nuances that arose also helped keep the project moving, despite using experienced vendors.

Michael’s overall approach to the refit was simple—upgrade the 61’ Spencer with the latest equipment and technology for travel and fishing. Mission accomplished.

• Two Seakeeper 5s (USA Stabilizers)
• Furuno Omni Sonar (South Florida Services OEM)
• Hardtop removed
• Tower and hardtop production (Palm Beach Towers)
• The hull prepped for paint (Eagle Eye)
• Full engine service
• Hull lifting strakes removed
• More electronics added (Poseidon Electronics)
• One week to paint the hull (Eagle Eye)
• Paint finished (Eagle Eye)
• Transom Art (Monique)
• Trim Tabs (Humphree Trim Tabs)
• In the water to Palm Beach Towers
• Tower and hardtop installed in a week (Palm Beach Towers)
• Electronics finished (Poseidon Electronics)
• New teak deck (Carpenter on Board)
• New couches installed (C2Shore)
• New exterior soft goods (C2Shore)
• New fighting chair
Four months later MJ’s is ready to go fishing!

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