April 17, 2024

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10 New Saltwater Lures from ICAST 2023

ICAST 2023 was a little light on the striper-specific lures, but there were a number of interesting and innovative saltwater lures on display. Here’s 10 of the standouts from this past July in Orlando.

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Savage Gear BFT Flyer

Based on 3D scans of a real flying fish, this 16-inch offshore lure can be rigged to troll on top or be cast and retrieved like a plug. With an ultra-realistic profile, a body built from durable PVC, and semi-soft PVC wings, this flying-fish imitator is just begging to be hammered by a big tuna. starting at $150


Game On! 13-inch DuraTech Eels

The PVC-free, elastomer construction creates a tough, rubbery, and naturally buoyant lure with a profile that closely resembles the size and shape of a large eel. Jig them, rig them weedless on a belly-weighted swimbait hook, or dropshot rig them around deep, heavy structure in striper hangouts like Block Island. $13

Nomad Tackle Squidtrex

Available in 11 sizes and 10 colors, this squid imitator can be effectively jigged or trolled for a number of species. Like a blade bait, it vibrates with a lift of the rod tip and hangs level in the water column. With tough and flexible thermoplastic elastomer construction and squid-infused scent, the Squidtrex was designed to take a beating from either bluefin tuna or striped bass. $16

Strike King Tidal Shrimp

When warm summer waters bring the occasional inshore exotics north of New Jersey, these durable, soft-plastic shrimp jigs excel from the bays to the beaches. Rigged on a 1/4-ounce hook with a mesh overlay on the tail, they sink slowly and swim naturally in moving current, just begging to be gobbled up by bass, drum or weakfish. $10

Z-Man Mulletron LT

By combining their extremely durable ElaZtech construction with a lifelike profile and a natural baitfish pattern, Z-Man developed this wedge-tail swimbait to look and swim like the real thing. When a fish is hooked, the lure’s reinforced line-through harness allows it to slide up the line, so you lose fewer fish to thrashing headshakes. $10


Rapala X-Rap Magnum Xtreme

A tail keel maintains this plug’s stability at trolling speeds in excess of 15 knots, while flat sides produce a tight swimming action and improves the lure’s tracking ability in rough conditions. $25

Savage Gear Panic Popper V2 

With a deeply cupped face and aerodynamic bottleneck profile, this long-casting popper was made to be launched toward tuna feeds or blitzing bass off the beach. Armed with treble hooks and split rings rated up to 120 pounds, the heavy-duty topwater is equipped with the hardware to withstand explosive strikes from trophy fish. $20

Shimano Sephia Clinch 2.5

Shimano incorporated their Flash Boost technology—a light-reflective foil that sits on interior micro springs— into these squid jigs for extra visual attraction when they’re fished erratically throughout the water column. Meanwhile, an internal weight system maintains their horizontal presentation to generate the most natural appearance. $10.50

Daiwa Lazy Fashad

Designed to trigger reaction strikes from striped bass, bluefish and weakfish, this lightweight, 3.5-inch twitchbait swims in a wide S-pattern when quickly retrieved and twitched through the current of inlets and backwater choke points. A slower retrieve generates a tight swimming action that resembles a struggling baitfish as the interior rattles call in predators from a distance. $17

Saltwater Assassin Lit’l P & V

This scented, 3.5-inch, straight-tail tube bait provides anglers with both finesse and versatility in rigging. With its smallsize and profile, it can be jigged for fluke, scup, kingfish and more in shallow bays, or it can be skipped and twitched along the surface on a belly-weighted swimbait hook when albies and stripers are blitzing on small baitfish. $5.75

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