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0-30 Bank Continues To Be Loaded With Striped Marlin

You still haven’t booked your 2022 Fishing Trip to the world’s hottest marlin waters? Want possible double digit daily raises and bites of striped marlin ranging 100 to 300 pounds? The ultimate angler’s get away on islands with virtually no crime, incredible tours and nice weather? Want to swim with sea lions, marine iguana, penguins and sharks? Then what the hell are you waiting for: someone else to tell you about it? Join the select few of discerning anglers who have had the privilege to experience the best year round marlin fishing on the planet!

Santa Cruz Island

Dec 22, 2021– Captain Yuri Gutierrez aboard vessel Patricia headed for 0-30 Bank with local anglers from Ecuador. The fishing was nonstop with plenty of sardine balls on the surface with striped marlin busting and slashing the bait balls. The crew raised 53 striped marlin had 30 bites and released 18 striped marlin with one notable fish estimated around 280 pounds. Captain Gutierrez note that he must have seen over 100 marlin all day on the surface. Many fish had no interest in the spread because of the amount of bait everywhere.

Dec 23, 2021– The crew of the Patricia headed out for Bank 0-30 again with local anglers from Ecuador. Captain Yuri Gutierrez was at the helm for another incredible day of striped marlin fishing. 33 striped marlin raised with 18 bites and 11 releases. Some fish were notable estimated at over 200 pounds which is a very nice size for a powerful striped marlin.

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Title: 0-30 Bank Continues To Be Loaded With Striped Marlin
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